Best Teleconsultation in Dubai

Teleconsultation service is a timely medical service to allow you to continue your treatment with your own doctor from the comfort and safety of your home.

Teleconsultation service is adapted for all medical specialties.

  1. Need to Consult a doctor
  2. Need to follow up with your doctor
  3. Need to refill a medicine
  4. Call our Call center @ 04 2484500
  5. Call Center agent will give details about our teleconsultation Service and application then book appointment
  6. An SMS will be sent to you with a link
  7. Our nurse will call you to confirm the timing of the appointment
  8. Settle your payment online
  9. Tele consultation will start.
  10. Most of the patient insurance are covered for teleconsultation Service.
  11. Copayment will be collected once medicine will be delivered from our side.
  12. Teleconsultation applicable for any new patients, follow up patients & medicine refill.


For more information, please call 042484500
*Starting with consultation , follow-ups and medicine home delivery
*Terms & conditions apply