Narrowing of Arteries

Narrowing of Arteries

The heart works like a pump and supplies blood to the whole body. In order to continue this important task, it needs blood rich in oxygen. “Coronary arteries” deliver the blood it needs to the heart. In short, arteries are the most important units that keep the body alive by keeping the heart healthy.

Narrowing of Arteries

Coronary artery disease is one of the most common cardiovascular diseases. It is a life-threatening illness that can lead to a heart attack if it is not noticed in time and measures are not taken.

Blood can flow easily from a healthy artery. This provides the heart with oxygen and ensures a healthy life. High cholesterol, blood pressure, smoking causes damage to the artery, oily substances and calcium to accumulate in the arterial wall. These deposits are called plaques. Failure of the blood to flow easily due to plaque means the onset of coronary artery disease. Increased plaque formation leads to a narrowing of the artery, and the blood that the heart needs is no longer able to flow from the vein. When the heart cannot be fed with oxygen, the person feels chest pain. When the already narrowed artery is completely blocked by clot beating, the person has a heart attack and as a result, permanent damage to the heart muscles can be seen.

What are ways to prevent coronary artery disease?

1) It is very important not to smoke and to stay away from smoking places.

2) Since high cholesterol value has a direct effect on coronary artery disease, blood cholesterol levels should be controlled by diet or drug therapy.

3) It is very important to exercise regularly. Regular walks every day protect from dised.

5) Those with high blood pressure or diabetes are in the risk group, they should be taken under control.

6) Trying to stay away from stressful life is important for heart health.


Treatment Methods

* Medication: People with cardiovascular disease should use sufficient doses of aspirin daily. Thus, the fluidity of the blood is provided.

* Coronary Angioplasty and Stent Applications: Opening the narrowing of the heart vessels in a non-surgical way is called coronary angioplasty (vein opening with balloon).

* Bypass: Coronary artery bypass surgery creates another path beyond the blocked or narrowed artery part, allowing the heart to be re-fed.

* Open Heart Surgery: Operation can be performed by opening small incisions with special endoscopic devices. The surgeon may also be the person who performs the operation, and can perform the surgery thanks to the robot he controls from the console using robotic devices.

With the endoscopic method, it is possible to perform ablation procedures for coronary bypass procedure, valve repairs, valve replacement procedures, heart hole closure and rhythm treatment.ease.

4) Overweight should be avoided and height-weight ratio should be consider

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