Stomach Pain (Abdominal Pain)

Stomach Pain (Abdominal Pain)

Abdominal pain (also known as stomach pain), one of the most common health problems, can be a harbinger of many important diseases. Therefore, especially sudden onset abdominal pain should be carefully examined.

Stomach Pain(Abdominal Pain)

It is a little difficult to determine exactly where the pain is in the abdomen. Discomfort in another organ may manifest as abdominal pain. Abdominal pain can occur due to stomach and intestinal disorders, kidney stones, diseases of the male and female reproductive organs, diabetes, adrenal gland diseases, menstrual pain, some blood diseases, poisoning of substances such as lead and morphine, and shingles. But determining the location of the pain allows finding the organ that needs to be particularly concentrated. For example; If there is a pain in the upper right part, it may indicate liver, gallbladder and ulcer problems. Pain in the upper left part of the abdomen can be due to diseases of the spleen, pancreas and aorta. Pain in the upper part of the navel may be caused by the esophagus, stomach, and twelve finger bowels, and in such a case, diseases such as gastritis, ulcers and reflux should be considered. Pain in the lower abdomen may be ovarian or urinary problems, ectopic pregnancy or appendicitis. Especially in the lower left part of the pain, inflammation of the large intestine, diseases of the abdominal vein; In pain in the lower right part, hernia strangulation, gall bladder and its pathways should be considered.

Ultrasound to the abdominal area can give important findings. Interventionally, endoscopy and colonoscopy can be applied. Sometimes it may be necessary to visualize the abdomen with MR and tomography, and sometimes laparoscopy. There may also be clues regarding the intra-abdominal organs in the results of blood and urine tests.

Cases that absolutely must be consulted:

  •         Severe, repetitive, increasing and constant pain
  •         Breathing with pain, feeling faint, bleeding, vomiting, and high fever
  •         Spreading abdominal pain to the chest, neck and shoulder
  •         Blood in stool

        Tension and swelling in the abdomen

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