Insulin Pump Program

Insulin Pump Program

What is an insulin pump?

Insulin dependent diabetes patients have to make insulin 4 times a day in order to survive. Sometimes even this much is not enough to decrease the sugar in the blood. Insulin pump is a device that tries to balance blood sugar by giving little and continuous insulin during the day.

A device called C-GMS is attached to the patient. The device records sugar levels every 10 minutes for 72 hours. The amount of daily insulin that the patient should take is determined by examining the records. The device is worn on the body. The patient is given training about the device. The patient, who is trained in carbohydrate counts, makes daily device insulin changes himself.

Insulin Pump Program

What are the advantages of the insulin pump?

  1. It gives freedom to the patient and increases the quality of life.
  2. People who use the pump are properly controlled for sugar, the amount of insulin is adjusted accordingly. Thus, ailments related to diabetes are largely prevented.
  3. It prevents sudden sugar drops. If you experience low sugar while sleeping at night, it warns with an alarm.

Who can use an insulin pump?

  • It is recommended that type 1 diabetes patients use pumps.
  • It is recommended for patients using insulin 4 times a day.
  • It is recommended to use for young people.
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