Skin Tightening Dubai

Skin Tightening Dubai

Genetic factors, medications, nutrition, transition to puberty and having oily skin cause the pores in the skin to expand. To solve the skin problems caused by the growth of pores, tightening the pores is applied. Technological possibilities offer the opportunity to permanently tighten enlarged pores with CO2 fractional laser or Q-swidged Nd: YAG laser treatment. In Spektra laser and EcO2 laser processes, which are used in the tightening process to make the skin look well-groomed and beautiful, restructuring is provided in the subcutaneous connective tissue and the skin gets a firmer appearance.

Pore ​​tightening method is determined in relation to the amount, size and density of the pores.

Skin Tightening Dubai

What are the methods used to tighten skin pores?

Today, there are many dermatological and cosmetic products on the market that we can easily access for skin cleansing. Skin tightening products can offer effective solutions depending on the pore structure. Many applications can be applied to tighten pores such as face wash gels, soaps, tonics, natural products, creams or nutrients. However, laser treatment is applied on large porous skin and situations requiring a definitive solution.

The most effective method for tightening large pores is laser systems. Positive results are obtained with applications made with CO2 fractional laser technology. The Q switch Nd: YAG laser system is one of the successful methods used in spot treatments, skin resurfacing and tightening skin pores.


Pore ​​Tightening With Fractional Laser

In pore tightening precise solution applications, CO2 fractional laser has renewal and repair feature. It provides peeling of the skin surface and a brand new skin. Firstly, clogged skin pores are opened, then the opened pores are tightened. The sessions are applied once a month and an average of 2-3 sessions is successful.

Pore ​​Tightening With Q-Switch Laser

The Nd: yag laser system is a method that offers a definitive solution in stain treatments and pore tightening.

With the Spectra Peel feature in this device, tightening is performed by directly affecting the skin pores.

  • A carbon mask is applied to porous skin. The mask is removed with a laser, allowing the skin to be exfoliated. With the carbon-based heat generation method, photoacoustic effect is provided.
  • Clogged pores are opened and cleaned with this effect.
  • Collagen synthesis is created, adipose tissues and production are balanced.
  • Wide pores are tightened and skin structure is restructured.

What are the Advantages of Spectra Peel application?

  • It cleans and tightens the skin pores while opening.
  • The application that affects the pores also ensures the renewal of the skin structure and removal of the tone differences in the skin.
  • Wrinkle, wear and tired marks are removed.
  • It ensures the regulation of the oil balance in the skin and acne decreases.
  • It is a method applicable to everyone and every skin type
  • It gives fast, positive and effective results in a short time.
  • Rash on the skin surface does not form a scab.
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