Scar’s Dubai

Scar's Dubai

Traffic accidents, home accidents, minor injuries, animal bites, burns, injections, or cuts after surgery can cause tissue damage, leaving scars. In addition, rashes that occur in skin conditions such as chickenpox and acne can also cause skin scarring. In such cases, the person who is disturbed by the presence of scars can resort to wound treatment.

Scar's Dubai

Our body tries to self-treat our injuries. It tries to heal the wound with the help of the dense collagen it produces. It takes about 2 years for the scar to stabilize after it has formed. The scar, which appears dark due to intense blood flow, becomes flatter over time. Before the intervention, it is necessary to wait for the scar to stabilize and act according to its final state.

In order to protect the scars from the sun, care must be taken not to expose. The sun-exposed body parts should be protected with sunscreens with a high protection factor.

It is possible to get rid of scars largely by laser treatment.

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