Mesofat for Chin

Mesofat for Chin

What is Mesofat-Mesotherapy?

The method of injecting vitamins and minerals needed by the fine needle, which was developed by the doctor named Michel Pistor in 1952, is called mesotherapy. Giving the vitamins and minerals it needs accelerates blood flow and collagen production.

It is a method preferred by those who want to have an aesthetic intervention to their skin, as it is a method that does not require surgery and is a painless procedure. The procedure is applied in the form of sessions and must be done regularly for effective results.

Mesofat for Chin

What Does Mesotherapy Do?

Injecting subcutaneous tissues to accelerate the regeneration of the skin slows the aging of the skin.

For Which Procedures Is Mesotherapy Used?

 * Eliminating wrinkles and deep lines on the skin

 * Hair loss

 * Ringworm treatment

 * Migraine or menstrual pain relief

 * Treatment of vascular diseases such as sports traumas, varicose veins, lymph edema

 * Relieving neck or hernia pain

 * Treatment of joint diseases such as arthritis

 * Reducing excessive lubrication in areas such as stomach, thighs, buttocks, legs, arms and face

 * Reducing cellulite

 * Skin tightening

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