Laser Hair Removal Dubai

Laser Hair Removal Dubai

Unwanted body hair is a big problem for both women and men … After the cleaning procedures performed with classical methods, while the hair roots are revitalized and the hair grows longer, a “radical” solution was found with the laser epilation method into our lives. The method of getting rid of unwanted hair with laser epilation, which was used actively at the end of the 1990s, has become quite common today. In this system, which damages the hair roots, the hairs do not regrow.

There are 3 different laser types and it is important to choose the right laser type to reach the full solution. The intervention of the specialist with the correct laser type by looking at the hair structure and skin texture provides the desired result.

Laser Hair Removal Dubai

Laser hair removal types

* Diode Laser Hair Removal: This laser, which has a wavelength of 810 nm, can reach deeper than others and thus ensures successful results even in dark colored skin.

* Alexandrite Laser Epilation: It is not suitable to use this laser type, which provides satisfactory results in open skin types, as it may cause an increase instead of a decrease in the face and neck areas. It is not preferred due to the side effects it may cause in people with dark skin.

* Nd: Oil Laser Hair Removal: It is a laser system developed for those with very dark skin color.

What should be considered before laser epilation?

  • Hair removal using classical methods (waxing, tweezers, string) should be left at least 1 month in advance. The long and dark hairs allow the laser to reach the hair root better.
  • Tanning attempts (sunbathing, solarium) should be left approximately 2 months before laser epilation.
  • The expert should be informed about all diseases and drugs used, if any.
  • Those who have undergone acne treatment in the last 6 months must definitely inform the specialist about this situation.
  • With shaving machine or razor blade, shortening the hair 3 days before laser treatment gives better results.

What should be considered after laser epilation?

  • To remove the skin from redness and swelling, it is necessary to relax the skin by applying ice at 15 minutes intervals.
  • Moisturizing cream or solutions can be applied to recover the skin.
  • The treated area should not come in contact with very hot water for 1 day after epilation.
  • It may be inconvenient to exercise heavy sweating on the area where epilation is applied.
  • It is not appropriate to sunbathe for about 2 weeks after epilation. At least 2 weeks must pass to enter the solarium.
  • If epilation is applied to the face and neck, sunscreen creams should be used.
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