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It is called “hernia” when a part of the internal organs, mostly part of the intestine, comes out from its natural environment and creates swelling under the skin. The hernia and neck hernias occur as a result of the disks between the vertebrae losing their natural position. In any region, hernia affects one’s daily life negatively.

Best Hernia Surgeon in Dubai

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Why does hernia occur?

  •         Heavy lifting
  •         Standing for a long time
  •         Heavy work done using physical force
  •         Surgical muscle incisions
  •         Chronic cough
  •         Fluid accumulation in the abdomen
  •         Bucking
  •         Gaining weight quickly
  •         Pregnancy

What are the symptoms?

Symptoms vary depending on the region where the hernia occurs. Generally, hernias in the abdominal region are seen with pain and swelling under the skin. As the swelling grows, the pain decreases, but the treatment becomes difficult. In neck and waist hernias, weakness, pain and loss of sensation are felt in the extremities (arms and legs).

What is the treatment?

The treatment method varies according to the region where the hernia occurs. Exercise, physical therapy and drug therapy are applied. If these methods do not work, and the level of the hernia has advanced, a surgical operation is performed.

What are the types of hernias?

The most common types of hernias are the abdominal, waist and neck hernias. Abdominal hernias are generally examined as inguinal, umbilical and surgical incision hernias.

What are abdominal hernias?

Abdominal hernias are the stiff membranes called the muscle and fascia that make up the abdominal wall and come out of the abdominal cavity from a weak point. Inguinal hernia, umbilical hernia and surgical incision hernia can be examined in three groups.

What is inguinal hernia?

It is a type of hernia that occurs with an increase in intra-abdominal pressure seen on the right, left or both sides of the groin area. The hernia is formed in this region because the opening, which is called the internal ring, is located in the anterior wall of the abdomen, and the ligamentum rotundum, which is one of the ligaments that hold the uterus in place, is weaker than the abdominal wall. Excessive strain as a result of chronic constipation, prostate enlargement in men, heavy lifting, urination to urinate, asthma and chronic cough due to chronic bronchitis are the most common causes of inguinal hernia that causes swelling under the skin as an indirect inguinal hernia.

What is an umbilical hernia?

There are three different vessels located in the umbilical cord that provides feeding of the baby in the womb. The umbilical hernia appears in case of weakness of the umbilical region, which is strengthened by binding after the birth and closing by the surrounding muscles. When it occurs in infancy, it can become visible by swelling during crying. In cases where the umbilical hole is not completely closed or excessively difficult, individuals who have reached childhood can also experience umbilical hernia. It is highly likely to occur in overweight women who have given birth, in men with a history of prostate, in people who have overweight or sudden weight loss, lift heavy, and have a cough.

What is the surgical incision hernia?

It is a type of hernia that occurs in the incision areas of previous abdominal surgeries. It may occur as a result of inadequate tissue healing after surgery and weakening of tissues after many years.

What is the herniated disc?

Lumbar disc hernia (herniated disc) develops between the vertebrae located on the spine. The gel-like connective tissue, also known as the disc, which is located between the vertebrae, connects the vertebrae and acts as a cushion by providing flexibility, loses water due to ageing and starts to lose its function. As a result, it comes out of its natural position and forms the hernia. The hernia is mostly formed in the last two discs located in the lumbar region. Symptoms are low back pain, pain and numbness in the legs, weakness in the feet.

What is Neck Hernia?

The vertebrae on the spine are connected by discs. The neck hernia is formed as a result of the discs between the vertebrae losing its feature, losing its natural position, leaving the vertebrae and slipping towards the canal where the nerves and spinal cord pass. In this condition called cervical disc hernia, pain, tingling, loss of sensation and weakness occur in the arms. Rarely, weakness can also be seen in the legs.

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