AquaGold Limited Offer


AquaGold Limited Offer:

For many people, they are being bombarded by cosmetic procedure offers for lasers, facials, botox, fillers and sometimes all of the above. For the average person, the stacking of many treatments is overwhelming and most are losing faith in the capabilities of cosmetic dermatologists. Most people are looking for a single treatment that fulfills all of the above and that is Aquagold.


Aquagold is the “super mega facial”. It is being touted in the US as the “built-in snap chat” filler. A single 20-minute treatment is giving “smaller pores, brighter tone, extra hydration, reduced fine lines, and general skin Joie de vivre.


Aquagold has become hugely popular with celebrities and uber-riche clients worldwide and is bowed to take off in the global population make-up of the Gulf.

It’s the first of its kind patented micro-channeling technology delivering biologics directly into the skin through 24 karat gold channels. It is safe to use on eyelids skin as well as lip skin and has minimal pain without any downtime.


Instead of requiring multiple procedures, Aquagold is a customized vial mixed with everything you need to solve those skin shortcomings.

Attached to the vial is a series of 20 needles each smaller than a piece of hair. The needles are coated in gold, which the company claims create less chance of irritation or allergic reaction. Most importantly, unlike dermarollers or other electric microneedling devices, the gold channels are hollow, so they transport the carefully concocted contents of that vial underneath the skin for maximum efficacy.


Furthermore, there is no aftercare protocol and one is just slightly pink after the procedures. A week later, the skin is transformed without looking frozen. The results can last up to 3-4months. Sessions are priced starting at $900 and can reach up to $1500 depending on the cocktail of biologics used. Ultimately though, the “most expensive” treatment is the best use of your money with the results we have been seeing on our clients. If we are able to spend thousands of dollars on designer clothes and accessories, then the least we can do for our skin is spending on an amazing treatment that is 100% safe with consistently fantastic results. We all deserve the best, and what better than Aquagold?


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