Dr. Habeeb Al Bitar - Emirate Specialty Hospital

Dr. Habeeb Albitar

Specialist ENT


  • Master in otolaryngology (ENT) ,Damascus university
  • Syrian board in ENT
  • Arab board in ENT
  • MD in General medicine , Medical college of Damascus university


  • ENT specialist in Medcare hospital at Dubai
  • ENT specialist in Al Moosa day surgery center, Dubai
  • ENT specialist in Emirates Hospital, Jumeirah,Dubai

Dr. Habeeb Albitar is offering full assessment and diagnosis and treatment of ENT medical problems, my expertise is treatment of blocked nose and the sinuses problems and Nose Allergy by using Laser technique without surgery and snoring treatment by Laser without surgery, and removing the nasal turbinetes with Laser without surgical intervention, and using the endoscopic surgery techniques for the advanced cases of nose and sinuses problems, Dr. Habeeb Albitar expertise also is doing nasal reshaping (nose job) by using an advanced technique in rhinoplasty which is guaranteed great results. This includes treatment of all breathing difficulties issues and Sleep apnea and snoring, and include:

  • nasal allergy new diagnosis plan and new advanced treatment.
  • management of ear nose throat disorder.
  • surgery of tonsils and ears and throat and mouth disorders.
  • middle ear Grommets surgery.
  • neck and Larynx tumors surgeries.
  • nasal sinuses problems professional diagnosis and treatment.


  • Member of otolaryngology , head and neck surgery of Syrian Association.
  • Member of ENT Assocition at Dubai
  • Member of The Middle East Academy of otolaryngology ,head and neck surgery.