Spider Veins (Capillaries)

Spider Veins (Capillaries)

Capillaries, which can reach a size of about 40,000 kilometers in the human body, function as “communicators” between arteries and veins. It supports the exchange of blood and tissues, they are small blood vessels that supply blood to organs. They are numerous and feed the organ with amino acids, proteins, and most importantly, oxygen. Organ cells cannot survive without capillaries.

In addition to being carriers of blood products, capillaries allow waste products to enter through walls. Thus, waste is removed from the body.

Although capillaries can be found all over the body, they are frequently seen on the face and legs. For some reason, purple and sometimes red spots occur at the points where these veins pass in almost every type and age group. If you encounter such a thing, your capillary vessel is cracked.

This cracking spoils the aesthetic appearance, although there is no serious discomfort. Capillary cracks on the face look like a stain, cause redness as well as veined appearance. This leads to an undesirable, unpleasant appearance in women and men.

Causes of capillary cracking:

– Sensitive skin surface

– Sudden nervous breakdown and severe stress experienced

– Diseases such as rose disease

– Skin creams used

– Radiation rays deform the skin

– Exposure to sunlight for a long time

– Long-term contraceptive use

– Hormone therapy intake

– Long-term cortisone-containing creams

– Ageing

– Genetic factors


The capillaries on the legs are usually formed due to deformations. Capillaries are more common with people who often have a profession that requires standing.


How Is Capillary Treatment Treated?

Before starting the treatment of capillaries, it is checked whether they have varicose veins. If there is no health risk, capillary treatment is performed. Generally, sclerotherapy and radiofrequency methods are preferred for treatment. The laser treatment method has also been increasing its popularity in recent years. Pain sensation is lower in laser treatment method compared to other treatments. In laser and all other treatment methods, the level of pain to be felt during the procedure is minimized with the help of cooling technique and pain relief creams.

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