Buttock Augmentation

You can find the best buttock augmentation opportunity in Dubai. In the ideal body shape recipes for women, the request for smooth, round and upright butt is remarkable. Some women have a weak and straight butt. There is not enough fat in the hip area. Others have a very good fat ratio, but the distribution of the fat is not concentrated exactly as desired, but the butt does not appear to be protruding enough, since the thickness is also formed around the waist. In others, the butt has become flatter after weight-loss processes. In such cases, butt shaping operations offer the person the opportunity to have the desired shape. The name of this operation is also called the Brazilian butt.

Buttock Augmentation

Butt uplifting, which is mostly done by adding fat from the waist and abdomen to the hip, is preferred. Thus, you have both a thin waist and a full butt. In weak people, butt enlargement is applied because the fat in their body cannot be used. In other words, butt enlargement and shaping process is performed by supporting with silicone or filling materials.

It is very important to use a special corset after the procedures.

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