Cesarean Section

Cesarean Section in Dubai

If you are looking for a cesarean section in Dubai, you can book an appointment in our hospital by filling the form below. The baby is now ready to be born after completing its development in the mother’s womb. There are several types of births. It is decided with the doctor, which type of birth method to choose, taking into account the health of the mother and baby.

Cesarean Section

Types of birth

  • Natural birth
  • Cesarean delivery
  • Epidural birth
  • Birth in water

Factors determining the type of delivery

  • Prolonged labor
  • The cervix does not open despite regular or irregular contractions
  • Postural variations in the mother’s womb
  • Narrow pelvis
  • Large baby suspicion
  • Cases where the baby’s head (or breech) has difficulty in hatching
  • Systemic or pregnancy-related diseases of the expectant mother
  • Active bleeding conditions

Cesarean Delivery

When deciding on the type of delivery, it is necessary to choose the most correct method for them, taking into account the health condition of the mother and baby. This is decided together with the doctor. In cases where vaginal delivery is risky, cesarean delivery is preferred when it is thought that cesarean delivery will be better in terms of mother-baby health. Recently, there has been an increase in cesarean delivery. In all of these, the situation is not that vaginal delivery is risky. The terrible stories told about normal birth disturb expectant mothers and therefore cesarean delivery is preferred.

In which cases is cesarean delivery preferred?

  • Placenta Previa (abnormal placement of the baby’s partner)
  • The risk of infection in the mother passing to the baby during vaginal delivery
  • Large baby birth weighing 4-4.5 kg
  • Occlusion in the vagina due to masses such as fibroids
  • Uterus tear

All birth methods have positive and negative sides. When we look at cesarean delivery, from the point of view of the mother, we encounter negative situations such as longer wound healing, wound infection and hernia formation in the wound postpartum. However, it is the least risky method for the baby.

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