Ultherapy Dubai Cost

Ultherapy Dubai Cost

One of the latest developments in medical aesthetic applications, ultherapy is a modern face lift application that targets deep tissue layers using microfocused ultrasound. New collagen production is triggered and the skin starts to repair itself by providing heat increase in the lower layers of the skin without damaging the skin surface.

The application, which creates a noticeable tension on the skin even once applied, provides the ideal skin appearance when maintained for 3 months, the person has a very natural-looking, stretched skin.

Ultherapy Dubai Cost

Which areas is Ultherapy applied to?

  • Looseness and sagging in the chin area
  • Jawline loss
  • Cheek sagging
  • Mouth corners turning down
  • Sagging skin around the neck and eyes
  • Low eyebrows

What are the advantages of Ultherapy?

  • The only non-surgical application that stretches the skin on the neck and face
  • 30-60 minute single application that never disrupts the patient’s social life
  • Treatment independent of skin color, which does not require care before or after treatment
  • Treatment that can be adjusted according to the needs of the patient
  • Better in 90-180 days, obvious and effect 1 year or more ongoing results
  • Treats much deeper levels than laser and radiofrequency
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