Paediatric Nephrology

Paediatric Nephrology

At the Emirates Specialty Hospital, our paediatric nephrology department is thoroughly experienced at treating problems of the kidney in children.

With particular attention given to looking after youngsters and making them feel comfortable in a medical environment, our paediatric doctors are second to none in the United Arab Emirates. Our doctors make assessments on the healthy development of children so that parents can rest assured their loved ones are equipped to handle whatever the future brings.


A paediatric nephrology doctor is the one to see at if your child is suffering from a urinary tract disease, kidney disease or kidney stones, or any related high blood pressure. Working with youngsters from birth up until their teenage years, the paediatric nephrology department is qualified to diagnose and treat problems such as urinary tract infections, blood and protein in the urine and other matters relating to the liver organ.

Our doctors take care to assess nutrition, growth and the neurological development of the child patient. The same goes for adolescents with other medical problems, including behavioural and educational problems, bronchial asthma, allergies and diabetes mellitus.

The paediatric nephrology department can administer vaccinations along with kidney and urinary system care, as well as treat urinary tract infections and address children’s bedwetting (nocturnal enuresis) issues.

Kidney stones, acute kidney injury, cystic kidney disease, chronic kidney disease, solitary kidney, and congenital anomalies of the kidneys, are some of the problems that concern our patients. Paediatric nephrology also includes metabolic bone disorders, electrolyte disorders, acid-base disorders and proteinuria.

Reasons for kidney problems in children can include birth defects, hereditary disease, infections, trauma and urine blockages or reflux.

After kidney transplants, patients are in good care with our team who will guide young people every step of the way to make sure they, and their families, are fully aware of how to adapt their lifestyle post-treatment.

The Emirates Specialty Hospital can perform a dialysis treatment (peritoneal & haemodialysis), which rids the blood of excess water, toxins and solutes when the kidney cannot fulfil its function. Experts can also do the pre-natal diagnosis of congenital renal and urinary tract malformation, as well as antenatal assessments of kidney morphology and function.

Children may have to undergo a dipstick test for the urine, blood tests, biopsies, as well as X-rays and other methods to discover issues of the kidney.

Paediatric nephrology care involves administering dialysis, which helps perform some of the kidney’s functions where fluids have built up in the body. Treatment also includes medication to unblock blood vessels, plus diuretics to encourage the urine output.

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