Foot and Ankle

Foot and Ankle

Emirates Specialty Hospital is equipped to deal with even the most complicated disorders and injuries of the lower extremities. We empower our doctors, physicians, and surgeons with the necessary support and technological structure, so they can provide our patients with the world-class care they deserve.


We offer intensive treatments, clinical and medical care and therapy programmers that follow the highest international medical standards, ensuring that our patients enjoy the swiftest and smoothest road to better health.

  • Ankle arthritis: Our research staff explore new treatments for Ankle Arthritis including Fusions and Joint Replacements
  • Innovative Surgery: Our consultant leads the way in modern minimally Invasive Reconstruction Techniques
  • A treatment plan tailored to help the patient resume daily activities as quickly and safely as possible. Not everyone requires surgery and non-operative treatments are available for patients. Such options may include injection therapy, medication and/or occupational / hand therapy.
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