Emirates Specialty Hospital Anesthesiology practice offers full continuum of preoperative care for patients undergoing surgery. While your case may be handled by one of our experienced specialist anesthetists, be assured that the team at Emirates Specialty Hospital will continue to oversee your care throughout your stay.

Our expert team assesses a patient on several parameters such as past and current health, type of surgery, and results of blood tests and ECG tests; before deciding on the type of anesthesia to be administered to a patient.

Our Treatments Include:

  • Conscious sedation: You will be given a sedative that allows the surgeon to do the procedure without feeling any pain.
  • Regional anesthesia: we block pain to a larger part of your body. You may also get medicine to help you relax or sleep. Our experts administer both types – Peripheral nerve blocks and epidural / Spinal Anesthesia.
  • General anesthesia: You will get anesthesia through a vein that will put you into a deep sleep. With general anesthesia, your unconscious and you will not feel any pain during the surgery.

Our Specialties Include

We offer a diversified range of clinical treatments for patients with different symptoms.

They include:

  • Conscious Sedations
  • Regional nerve block
  • Adult general anesthesia
  • Pediatric anaesthesia
  • Ob&GYN epidural for labor and delivery
  • Management of high risk patient
  • Anaesthesia for weight – loss surgery
  • Extensive experience with anesthesia for various types of plastic surgery.
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