Asthma and Respiratory System Tips

Asthma and respiratory allergies are some of the most common chest diseases. Sprays are primarily used to treat these diseases. Sometimes tablets are also used. The question is: how does fasting affect this treatment?

Fasting in Ramadan is not a problem for the majority of asthmatic patients, who can take the preventive spray at Suhoor and at Iftar times. As for the rescue inhaler, the patient should take it at any time they need it, even during the day in Ramadan, because it is necessary in case of symptoms.

For patients who take pills such as Singular or Claritin, it is advised to take these before bedtime at night. This also applies to patients with sinusitis.

Asthma patients should avoid stress as much as possible during fasting because stress and dehydration may increase the symptoms of the disease. Therefore, keep away from hot places that may lead to dehydration.