Registration Formalities

Registration Formalities

At Emirates Specialty Hospital (ESH), our goal is to offer our patients and visitors with the expected level of care and services. To achieve the optimal the patient satisfaction it is important to have the right mechanisms in place and this starts with the registration and sign in process for your hospital visits. In our registration process when we collect and update information that is critical to patient safety and also to our ability to quickly and accurately process insurance claims for services you have received.

For patients covered by international medical assistance or insurance plans we verify information with the respective service provider during our continuous document update process. Please note that for some of the coverage scheme our team members will ask you certain additional questions each time you come for a clinic visit.

The registration process if quite simple and we make sure you have smooth flow during our visit to the hospital so, after your appointment has been scheduled, you will be transferred to the respective reception desk who will gather your details and the insurance information. We request you to please abide by the following measures which will help you to:

  • Save your time when you arrive for your visit
  • Ensure that your personal information is gathered as privately as possible

Consultation Process – Check-In

It is advised that you arrive 15-30 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. If you have already registered, we will only confirm your name, date of birth, insurance details and policy coverage. If you have not been pre-registered then you will be asked to submit and confirm your personal details required for the registration process and the applicable insurance information.

For insurance copayments or deductible which might be a requirement by the insurance company, you will liable to pay and this will be collected from you and it can be made by cash, Credit Card or Current Dated Cheque.

For General Patient Registration Requirements:

  1. Emirates ID (For UAE Residents)
  2. Passport copy (For Non-UAE Residents)
  3. Valid Insurance card

For Maternity Patient Registration Requirements:

  1. Emirates ID for Husband and Wife (For UAE Residents)
  2. Passport copy for Husband and Wife (For Non-UAE Residents)
  3. Valid Insurance card 4. Marriage Certificate