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    Welcome to the Best Hospital in Dubai

    Emirates Specialty Hospital is surely the best private hospital in Dubai with high-quality service, a number of talented doctors in every field, a number of successful operations and treatments, and good insurance opportunities.

    Our hospital located in Healthcare City in Dubai across 205,000 square feet. Emirates Specialty Hospital is a part of  Emirates Healthcare Group. Our group operates more than 70 facilities across nine countries of the world.

    Why we are the best private hospital in Dubai?

    We have 5 operation rooms which have high-tech equipment. We have the most skilled doctors in their fields in UE. Our hospital has VIP, Private, Endoscopic suites. 3 Labour, Delivery & Recovery Rooms (LDRs) are also available.

    As we offer high standard health services to our patients, we also provide comfortable rooms for them.

    We have doctors who are specialized in their fields in many branches.

    We use the latest technology equipment in our treatments and operations.

    Our mission as a hospital is offering holistic, innovative, and reliable health services and providing absolute patient satisfaction. We are one of the best hospitals in Dubai that provide these terms to patients.

    Found in 2017, Emirates Specialty Hospital is a chain of the Emirates Healthcare Group that serves more than 70 facilities across nine different countries. Installed across a 205,000 square feet area, it is in Dubai Healthcare City/United Arab Emirates. The hospital is also associated with Health First Management Consultancy FZC, an organization that concentrates on empowering the lives of people. Empowering a life is much more than solely suggesting aid when it is needed. Emirate Specialty Hospital aims at empowering truly through conceiving and favoring an ecosystem that supports and enhances the health condition and wellness of human beings at every stage of their lives.

    Our Hospital

    There are a lot of reasons why it is the best hospital in Dubai. First and foremost, the hospital offers its costumers a high-quality service. There are a lot of gifted physicians able to provide dedicated assistance. Each one of them can perform successful operations and treatments on their patients at all costs in various fields.

    Some of the areas in which the doctors could serve the needs of patients vary from orthopedics, bone surgery, and bariatric surgery, to urology or minimally invasive surgeries. These are some of the factors which help to make Emirates Specialty Hospital the best private hospital in Dubai. It is also possible to talk about insurance opportunities within the hospital. What is more, with the intention to answer the necessities of people at any stage, the hospital has 5 operating rooms, 3 labor, and delivery rooms, 7 NICU and 5 ICU beds, a day-surgery unit, 30 outpatient clinics, 48 inpatient rooms and VIP suites, 2 full-fledged endoscopic suites, a 24X7 emergency room, and an automated pharmacy.

    One of the other most important factors that make it the best hospital in Dubai is that the hospital cares for its patients so much that Emirates Specialty Hospital is always present to cure sufferers at all stages through precision-based diagnoses, efficient treatments, reliable expertise, and outstanding technology.

    Philosophy That Makes us Best Hospital in Dubai

    It is principally driven by the discernment of duty in promoting to the lives of the patients. Not only by submitting a temporary solution but also by looking into the issue with a long-term and impersonated point of view. The things about which Emirates Specialty Hospital most care are happiness as well as the healthiness of people. They would like to give their best both to the employees and patients and make them get the best experience in such a place. These are some of our best specialties that are making us the best hospital in Dubai.

    As a consequence; through a track record of satisfied, healthy, and active patients who regard Emirates Specialty Hospital as the sound associate in their long-term wellness, the accomplishments of Emirates Specialty Hospital alone speak for themselves about its being the best private hospital in Dubai.